To run Andarasa Online, you will need a pc with the below spec. 

Also, your video card should be 3D Accelerated.            


Minimum Spec

Recommended Spec


Pentium4 2 GHz or more

Pentium4 2.1 GHz or more


1.5GB or more

2GB or more

Graphic Card

Nvidia 6600 GT or more (Memory Size: 256 MB)

OpenGL 2.0 or above
however, for Windows 8.1 users, only Radeon 5000 or above series are supported.

Sound Card

DirectX 9.0c Compatability

- If you computer doesn't meet the minimum spec,                                                        

the game might not run properly even after the successful installation.                                                    

(You may need graphic card update if the game starts to slow down.)                                                    


- At minimum spec                                                       

game play is possible, but it might be better to lower the resolution.                   

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